Tails Of The Flannel Cat: Belvedere, Ca

By P.L. Conlan
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About the Book

Inspired by P. L. Conlans experiences with her very own three cats, Tails of the Flannel Cat: Belvedere, CA introduces us to three lovable creatures: Storm, November, and Roy. These clever cats depict the characteristics of strength, compassion, and knowledge.

In a home, there is love, history, and family. Memories, experiences, and adventures are what connect us to the people we love. A house is built with things. A home is built with love.

About the Author

P. L. Conlan was born in the military hospital at Annapolis, Maryland, in November 1948, the youngest of two children. She is the daughter of a naval officer and pilot (graduate of Annapolis) and a homemaker. As a Navy Brat, she moved to California at the age of five months. She and her family lived in various cities in California, including Alameda Air Base, San Bernardino, Imperial Beach, and Napa.

Conlan moved to Napa in the summer of 1964 and attended Napa High School, where she graduated in 1966. She attended Kelsey-Jenney Business College in San Diego, California, and then came back to Napa, where she lived for thirty-nine years. She worked at Napa State Hospital for thirty-one years, until her retirement in December 2001. In the summer of 2003, she and her partner moved to Oregon, where they spent two years. They now reside in the little town of Sonoma, California.

Conlan has two children and three grandchildren. This is her first experience writing a book. She chose a childrens book because she loves the capacity for wonder and imagination that children bring to our lives. Her leisure time is spent reading, sewing, crocheting, hiking, and spending time with her family.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 54