By Enid Hernández-Torres
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(The Inner Mind of Enid)

Author Enid Hernández-Torres / MuthaWildFlower™ presents her collection of poetry in T.I.M.E. (The Inner Mind of Enid).

In times of hurting, trials, and tribulations, Enid started to pick herself up. As she held on to faith and hope, she commenced to stop the self-pity and focus on the positives that were happening in her life. Once she started to change her mentality, the things around her had begun to change. The growth and maturity in her spirituality assisted with her healing process.

Read T.I.M.E. for a glimpse into self-awareness, empowerment, and believing in yourself.

About the Author

Enid Hernández-Torres / MuthaWildFlower™earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology at the City University of New York. While attending Bronx Community College, as she completed the Registered Nurse Program, she sought and dusted off her books of poetry to start where she had left off writing, due to life’s many unexpected transitions. In continuing with the enjoyment from her passion, Enid presents her works of poetry at various open-mic nights and venues such as Nuyorican’s Poets Café.

Enid currently resides in The Bronx, New York.

Published: 2019
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