Syndrome Of A Wife Batterer And Resounding Tribute To The Men Who Keep Their Vows

By Alive Fay Wimberly (Kemp) Pastor
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About the Book

When Alice Fay Wimberly (Kemp) Pastor was young, she fell for a man who soon became the most dangerous part of her life. Blinded with love, she ignored the signs and acts of abuse in her relationship and became determined to make it work. Despite the feelings of loneliness and desperation, she believed her husbands empty promises to change, to become kinder, and to stop the bad behavior. However, it didnt stop. If anything, it only got worse as time went on, and Alice realized she had to escape, for her familys safety.

With small children to protect, Alice vowed to leave her old life of pain, neglect, and abuse behind, and she began a new chapter of her life, one that required great determination and perseverance. Despite the challenges of her new life, Alice quickly overcame many obstacles and soon found her strength, her success, and her voice.

The words of her memoir act as a battle cry for domestic abuse victims everywhere a motivational force determined to help them make a change. Her honesty and insight provides a heartbreaking account of broken love, guidance to find healthy relationships, and a hopeful message to all readers.

About the Author

Alice Fay Wimberly (Kemp) Pastor currently resides in Huntingdon, Tennessee, with her new, loving husband. Together they work to spread the importance of relationships built on trust, respect, and a dedication to God. She finds comfort in empowering the members of her church and her readers to make the best of their lives, and she works to encourage all people to find fulfillment and peace.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 38