By Madelyn Key
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About the Book

Laura Scottsberg endures the frustrations of your typical teenage girl. She has a nemesis at school and a mom who seems insistent on not letting Laura do what she wants. While on the surface her life seems as average as any teenage girl’s, things turn upside down when she begins to question the very nature of her family, starting with a search for her true father. Syke!!! follows Laura in her search to uncover her family’s past in her hopes that it will give her some idea of who she wants to become in the future. Despite the heartbreak, dishonesty, and criminality that she encounters along the way. Laura perseveres in her pursuit to uncover the truth of the past so that she may not be destined to repeat it.

About the Illustrator

Madelyn Key is a teacher and sales associate. In her downtime, she enjoys writing and watching television. She also sings, dances, writes, and plans for the future. Her love of music led to a love of vinyl records, and she intends on growing a vinyl library. She loves to drive and swim and has a huge family on both her mother and father’s sides.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 118