Sybling Series

By Dana Rhoades
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About the Book

These stories are based on the idea of helping Dana Rhoades’ third-grade son learn his spelling words. He was struggling and she had the idea to incorporate the random twenty words into a story about Titus and his sister Autumn on adventures and have him read them out loud. It has been working well for him and she writes a new story every week.

The spelling words are in bold to be seen easier and will be used in their proper definitions. This way the child understands the new words and if they forget how to pronounce them, they may remember what they mean by recognizing them in sentences. If repetitiveness is a fun learning experience, then the struggle won’t be too difficult. Children will feel more confident, and parents won’t feel so helpless and stressed for their child.

About the Author

This is Dana Rhoades’ first book. Without her children and the encouragement and support of her husband this wouldn't be possible. Her children are her everyday inspiration, and she is lucky to be surrounded by them in their country house in a beautiful small town.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 40