Sweet And Sour Poetry

By Ren Dimanche
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About the Book

Poets live in a world of ethereal emotion, their hearts seeming to experience the feelings of love, loss, joy, pain, gratitude, and angst more deeply than others. As Ren Dimanche relates through his original verse in Sweet and Sour Poetry, this holds true for him as well, as he shares with the reader the loves he has experienced and lost through his life. However through it all, his hope for a better tomorrow and faith in Gods mercy and loving kindness shine through like a beacon. Through poems such as Dont Make Me Cry, Unfit Mom, and From Joy to Sorrow, he mourns the loss of great loves while looking forward to another passion to fulfill him: Why should I cry
If you do not love me anymore
Why should I cry
If I cannot stop loving you. While in verse such as Fantasy, You Are the One, and The Truth, he appreciates the love that has touched his life, if only for a little while: You know for sure how much I love you
And I can see the reciprocity
In your charming eyes
When I look at you. Passionate, heartfelt, and bittersweet, Sweet and Sour Poetry by Ren Dimanche takes its rightful place on the shelf with other great love poems of the centuries.

About the Author

Ren Dimanche is a native of Haiti who has lived in Brooklyn, New York, for the last eleven years. He is father to five children: Ren Jr., Michalle, Marie C., Marie E., and Dominic, and in his spare time enjoys wood carving and playing the guitar.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 60