Sweet Adolescence

By Kayla Chanel Green          
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“Soft like silk. Delicate as a flower.

I can only take so much as I am devoured.”

Sweet Adolescence is Kayla’s story of coming of age told through a compilation of her poetry and spoken words. Every piece of her shell shattered onto thin pages, to capture this blissful moment of becoming herself. Kayla has continuously traveled from ignorance to love, defeat, false hope, pure confusion, utter chaos, agony, sunshine, laughter, rain, victory, loss, to finally triumph, and it all together tastes sweet.

About the Author

Kayla is currently a junior at Arizona State University. She is majoring in Political Science and double minoring in Philosophy and African and African American Studies. As a poet, artist, student, and intellectual Kayla wishes to incorporate all of these elements of herself into her art and career goals. She has just begun to embark on her journey as a writer, and into womanhood.

Sweet Adolescence is Kayla’s first self-published book, and is a manuscript of her heart and the path it wandered to get back to her. Her intricate words and illustrations paint a picture of pure madness, and track the journey of Kayla finding herself in the midst of it all.

“To be human is to feel; It is the very definition of existence. All the joy, all the pain. There is no trade; to see the sun, you have to endure the clouds, thunder, and rain. So whether you feel as if you are on top of the world, or lower than the dirt on the floor, you are alive. To every little butterfly that flutters in your tummy, to that gut wrenching drop of hopelessness because of how long you have been running, your heart is still beating; the light will always shine again.”

- Kayla Chanel Green

Published: 2018
Page Count: 94