By Joseph Mondrella
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Swanocerosman is a tale wilder than a snail or bumblebees, and along with puddles, trees. In the wild, going crazy lengths is a normality; why, there’s no way to be safely prey is named mortality. It’s gist unalike a lost cause or a prob’d hit the spot like what’s in a non-distant teapot, Philly cheesesteaks or, in addition to grilled cheese, sweet shakes. It reeks of grim things, a so dang poetic fetish, and it’s crystal initial-hearter’s artwork. So while it’s no secret lions protect their much-less feared young; what this neat fiction’s depictin’s are qualities in nature that’ve stuck out like some clouds which’re very much out plus about, or an undead deer’s tongue. 

About the Author

Fact’s the need for love sculpted me, and the need for what’s quality. For a decade who I’m’s been lonely, & did box/kickbox since it’s straight true I’ve been lose-my-head lonely. Stuff I so’ve did isn’t cliché, much like a Covid victim’s sick pay. Based on how understandable, my cover’s tactical. Like a sheltered feller, what I come after’s vital matters. I can’t put pleasure over a good measure; otherwise, a struggler cries. Real adroit, I’ve had tears of joy.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 96