Surviving Loss: My Journey Of Hope

By Milton Dennis
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His life was one devastating blow after another,

losing multiple family members over the years to suicide,

growing up in foster care, and being bullied.

How does one pull themselves out of a storm like that?

Surviving Loss: My Journey of Hope follows a man who often has reason to ask Why me? Many people ask themselves the same question when life pummels them, but this is a story of hope and coming out the other side, of recognizing the gifts and blessings between the pain and struggle. At many levels this story reveals the voice of many struggling with the stigma associated with mental health. One out of every four people are struggling with mental health issues. It is highly likely that readers will have experienced at least one component of this personal trauma. This story demonstrates how personal resilience makes a difference in our survival. In letting others know that it is okay to not be okay, together we can get through the adversities we face in life. Speaking to someone about it, seeking help are not signs of weakness. When you focus on the benefits, you can clearly see that it is a sign of strength and resilience.

About the Author

Milton Dennis has recently opened an office in his local community of Mount Holly, located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania where he holds monthly meetings as a NAMI Certified Family Group Facilitator for families surviving loss by suicide. His hobbies are custom woodworking and fly fishing for trout in area local streams of Carlisle. His special interest is his 501(c)3 nonprofit “Cal’s Hope” where Dennis provides scholarship assistance to those seeking an education in public service and mental health. Dennis is happily married to his beautiful wife and best friend. He is affiliated with the PULSE Taskforce-Preventing unnecessary loss through suicide education, holding multiple awareness events through the year. Dennis is a Certified QPR trainer and provides Gatekeeper training to others on the subject of Question, Persuade, Refer.

Published: 2023
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