Surviving In Black Skin: "How Living In Black Skin Shaped My Focus"

By Webster E. Moore
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Surviving in Black Skin

Surviving in Black Skin is about growth, revelations, going into the unknown, becoming more than everything we've ever learned, and simply loving the desire and pleasure of discovery. This book is about Webster E. Moore’s discovery that people in black skins were the first architects, the first astronomers, the first physicians, the first scientists. He then discovered after experiencing the constant negation of any history beyond slavery that the history of people in black skins are the blueprints, the foundation, the mold from which people in white skins built their history.

The message here is how there is no end to the racism that Christianity used to support slavery and the lynching of people in black skins. That is relevant to the continued lynching of blacks today by the old slave catchers called police. What we as readers will take away from this book is a better sense of what happened and that we are all equal beings under God. The politics of religions that supported slavery and the practice of racism over the centuries, continuing today with their false teachings about the Jews being enslaved by the Egyptians, and all the falsities related to that narrative, must change. The changes in thinking will free the children of people in black skins as well as other skin colors to know that their people are the ones that fed, clothed, sheltered, and supplied the foundation that built and maintained western civilization.

About the Author

Webster E. Moore received his Baccalaureate degree from the University of California at Los Angeles in Political Science, his Master’s from Cal State University, Northridge in Educational Psychology, and he entered into the Doctorate program in the Sociology Department at the University of Southern California. He has toured and researched the monuments of ancient Egypt, initiated in the ancient African Religion of Ifa in Nigeria, toured the Ujamaa Villages in Tanzania, the Kibbutz in Israel, the Kibbutz in Israel, the Yucatan Pyramid in Mexico, and the historic National Sanctuary of Machu Picchu in Peru.

Webster has received his Practitioner's License from the "United Centers of Spiritual Living"; is certified as a "Oneness Deeksha-Giver"; completed Level I in Jin-Shin-Jyutsu; taught Meditation Classes; and is certified in Levels I, II, and III Reconnective Healing.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 144