Surviving Brain Injury: Still Counting My Blessings

By Monica Candeloro
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Brain injuries are like fingerprints: No two are the same. Monica Candeloro walks us through the TBI (traumatic brain injury) chat room, introducing us to her friends, one by one. Through their struggles and accomplishments, we learn that brain injury is not bound by age, gender, profession, or nationality. The brain controls not only our bodies but also our emotions, our energy, and the way that we perceive everything around us; therefore, people with brain injury have to overcome physical, emotional, and cognitive deficits, and they usually do!

Not enough people understand the symptoms of brain injury and whats really going on inside the heads and bodies of those who have it. Friends can be scared away by someone they love when faced with the mood swings, the tears, the sleeplessness, or the sudden flare-ups of anger. Husbands and wives find their spouse without the ability to balance while standing or to understand numbers and language. As someone who has a brain injury herself, Ms. Candeloro is in a perfect position to help those of us who have healthy brains to understand the everyday perils and triumphs of those who do not.

About the Author

Monica Candeloro is a native of Switzerland who currently resides in Australia. She has two children: Sarah and Lucas. Aside from writing, she enjoys reading, photography, beading, and traveling.

Monica is also the author of A Challenged Life (

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 102