Survive Or Be A Victim (Only You Can Decide The Outcome)

By Ellen Emmerson
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About the Book

In life there are the constant ups and downs. They are inevitable parts of life; no one can escape from this wheel. For some, the down times are unbearable, holding them down on their knees and slowly taking the last breaths they have on earth. But for others, those are the times of learning and conquering ones fears toward a grander future. Only one question divides them: Will you survive or be a victim?

In Survive or Be a Victim, Ellen Emmerson relates various scenarios from her own life to show how obstacles can actually be stepping stones.

In life the ones who will see it through, like a strong ship encountering a ravaging storm, are the ones who make the right choice when asked the question Will you survive or be a victim?

About the Author

Ellen Emmerson was born in Berlin, Germany, and is now a citizen of Canada. She writes this book to encourage her readers to have a positive outlook in life and be grateful for the valuable lesson they receive. She also dedicates this book to her children and grandchildren.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 64