Surgery For Me?

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About the Book

by Sara Jane Books Children often are afraid of visits to the doctor, so having to go into the hospital for surgery can be even more stressful. But Surgery for Me? is a valuable tool that helps to transform the unknown unfamiliar medical instruments and procedures into concepts that children will recognize, making every step in the process less frightening, reducing stress and fear and resulting in better and faster healing. Join Rachael Marie as she visits the hospital to have her broken arm set and placed in a cast. For Rachael, the experience is more like a slumber party with clowns and balloons as friendly people walk her step by step through the admission and surgical preparation process.

About the Author

Sara Jane Books wanted to help take away the fear of the unknown for children when familiarizing them with medical procedures so that they will get treatment sooner and heal faster. Books holds degrees in accounting and technology and is completing her associates in business. A mother of three, she is active in the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and the Developmentally Disabled Department. She also enjoys creating memories with her family, as well as playing violin, fishing, camping, gardening, and shopping for the bargain of the day.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32