Supremacy: Curse God

By Peter Amajor
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After humans are decimated on Mars and the moon, unimaginable chaos had struck the Earth: oceans of blood, lands breaking apart and opening up deep crevices, thunder and lighting, rains of fire everywheredestroying everything man had created.

Does mankind have all the tools to fight off the Martian forces, as well as the demons and leviathans who are massing together to conquer Earth?

A planetary battle progresses to be a battle of faith, faith tested by the power of the old biblical god and the one claiming to be the true god. Now its time for everyone to choose sides, to pledge allegiance to the one they believed is more powerful.

Supremacy: Curse God, by Peter Amajor, peeks into the future if all mankind failed to believe and keep its faith to the only one true god, Jehovah.

About the Author

Peter Amajor is a resident of Lagos, Nigeria, where he is taking up industrial mathematics. He is a member of an import team and counts singing and creative writing among his hobbies.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 214