Sunken Sunlight

By Victor Gant
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Sunken Sunlight has a vigorous and animated breeze. It is a novel about the brevity of life, which slowly fades towards a particular finish. It has a joyful view. Its purpose is to ask questions through a faded smile and, skirting the outlines, represent itself in new clothes and redefine the cardinal outlines behind those ethereal modes of writing which induce the mind into graceful contemplations.

There is only a continual bit of pallid pigmentation running about the pages and casting soft glimmers through the breeze and the waves and the little lingering beauty by the tip of every evanescent line. Soft words throb in a land of their own, where perhaps, like everything else, the beauty of the world may softly seep down from the horizons laid ahead of it.

About the Author

Sunken Sunlight is the third novel by Victor Grant, who has previously written When Does the Sorrow End and A Sound from Above. Only 20, Victor has found writing to be an enlivening and enlightening pursuit that allows him to portray the scenery of life with the feeble, fickle brush of language.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 262