Summer's Hope

By Maryann Martinez
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In Summer's Hope, Summer is a little girl who has challenges in her life and has made a special bond with a horse. They grow up together and learn that obstacles can be overcome with patience, determination, and lots of support and love from family and friends. Their bond is so special like they were meant to find each other and be able to complete in anything they set out to accomplish.

About the Author

Maryann Martinez has been working as a registered nurse for the past thirty years. She loves her job, taking care of patients of all ages. She has four children and eight grandchildren, who are all very special in her life and give her inspiration.

Like Summer, Maryann also has her own horse, Thor, whom she raised from the day he was born. He is her passion and she loves going for long rides after work to clear her mind and decompress. Maryann’s grandchildren also love riding him, and it is wonderful they get that experience, something they will always remember.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 160