Summer's End

By Grace Cerino
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Summers End touches on qualities relating to love, trust, and the speed with which a persons life might change. Meredith Rossi has it all: a successful career as an advertising executive, a devoted husband, and beauty besides. But she is restless. When her husband, Nick, expresses interest in settling into a new home and starting a family, Meredith beings to feel overwhelmed. Suddenly the advances of handsome client Michael Pierce prove all too tempting, leaving her torn between her marriage and a man who is used to getting what he wants. Can Meredith bring the affair to a peaceful close, or is this love triangle destined for a heartbreaking and even deadly end?

About the Author

Grace Cerino enjoys writing and poetry. It has always been her dream to write a book. Summers End is her first novel; one of her poems is published in an anthology called An Open Door. Grace is married and has two sons. When not writing, she enjoys doing volunteer work counseling seniors; listening to music, reading and researching on the computer.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 56