Suitable Singles: Every Single Decision Matters

By A. Lin. Thomas
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About the Book

Suitable Singles: Every Single Decision Matters is a book about discovering how to become a suitable single preparing for Holy Matrimony. It illustrates how we can begin the healing process from brokenness through self-discovery in order to understand how to become the suitable single we should be. It also illustrates how brokenness can initiate broken partnering, which will promote a broken family life. 

The author uses her own personal testimony to illustrate what a broken person looks like and how that dynamic is the worst state to be in when seeking to mate. She speaks about her own disparaging upbringing and failed marriage to make the point that desperation is not a good state to be in when choosing a mate and creating a family.

With so many families in turmoil in today’s society, the author shares the story of how she was led by God to share the hurt and pain of her family life and her failed marriage to highlight how a broken family creates a broken child, which becomes a broken adult, who chooses a broken mate, which creates a broken couple who begins the cycle of a broken family all over again. Then the author testifies about how God healed her and delivered her from that broken cycle.

It is the author’s hope that readers will take away an honest perspective about the seriousness and the truth of mating, especially in the Church, and gain proper understanding of God’s perspective on what a suitable mate is and how the Word of God is the only true guide to creating a family life that is blessed and prosperous; not just for the couple but for society as a whole.

About the Author

A. Lin. Thomas has been a born-again Christian for twenty-three years. She is an active member of her church and community. She is a servant in the community, feeding the homeless and hungry through that church. She has also written and performed plays for her church organization that illustrate family unity. Thomas is currently a blogger for a women’s ministry and also writes for her church’s quarterly newsletter, and teaches Sunday School in the children’s ministry. Thomas’s hobbies are writing and music. Her special interests are personal growth and spiritual development. She is a mother and grandmother.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 228