Sugar: The Lucky Puppy

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After being abandoned on the side of a road, poor Sugar the puppy is left all alone. That is until Susan discovers her, taking Sugar to her new home! Sugar loves her new home and couldn’t be any happier. That is, until she escapes the yard through the fence. While out on her adventure from home, Sugar catches her leg in a trap, causing irreversible damage. This children’s story shows the empathy and support that a pet, who is handicapped, can provide.

About the Author

Dr. Floyd Boschee has authored and coauthored 15 books in education. He received his bachelor’s degree from Valley City State University, his master’s degree from the University of North Dakota, and his doctorate degree from the University of Montana.

About the Illustrator

Dr. Bruce M. Whitehead is a National Distinguished Principal, National Milken Educator, and recipient of the John F. Kennedy Center Awards for Arts Education. He received his bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees from the University of Montana. Whitehead is also known for his bronze sculptures and his Montana Bound series.


Based on a true story, Sugar: The Lucky Puppy tells how a young, abandoned Sheltie puppy finds a new home and conquers the challenge of losing a front leg in a trapping accident.Sugar, who received her name for “being sweet, like sugar” is abandoned on a country road as a puppy and finds her way to the home of a young girl, Susan Jones, who adopts the puppy.After digging a hole under the Jones’ fence, Sugar escapes and chases rabbits into a field where she gets her legs caught in three traps left by hunters. After being rescued by the Jones’ family, Sugar’s right front leg must be amputated.What develops is a beautiful story of how Sugar adjusts to her handicap and is trained to learn many tricks and tasks despite the tragedy of being without a leg.The real-life, exquisite illustrations capture the heart of Sugar’s personality and allow the reader to experience life with Sugar and the Jones family.This book would be an excellent story to read to any preschool or elementary class or child as it shows the triumph that can occur when working to help an animal overcome a disability.The author also includes many engaging questions which would enable the children to become actively involved making the book “come alive” in a classroom setting! Sugar: the Lucky Puppy will help children of all ages understand that a handicapped pet can be accepted and loved and children can learn to apply these lessons to other animals and even people who may have disabilities.I hope to use this book in my Elementary Classroom to teach how team work, determination, and love can overcome any obstacle! By Abby Van Peursem, Elementary Education Major at Northwestern College, Orange City, IA

The book, Sugar: The Lucky Puppy, authored by Dr. Floyd Boschee is about a young girl, named Susan, who finds a Sheltie puppy while riding her bike. The story goes through all the phases of what one would do if they found a lost dog, to include falling in love. Susan ends up being able to keep the puppy and teaches it tricks. One day the dog gets out while trying to chase a rabbit. The dog gets caught in a trap and loses a leg. By the end of the story, we learn that the puppy is able to be resilient and is able to accomplish tasks and tricks a four-legged dog would normally be able to do, but as a three-legged dog.Sugar: The Lucky Puppy is a heart-warming story for young readers. What makes this book extra special are the illustrations completed by Dr. Bruce M. Whitehead. The unique style of illustrations brings life to the page, drawing the reader in to see what is next in the story. The writing style, along with the illustrations, provides teachers and parents a platform to use this book in a variety of ways. For example, the illustrations can be used for story walks or aid with context clues. The text could be used to teach about story structure, foreshadowing, conflict-resolution, etc. Art teachers could even use this book to teach the elements of art to include line, shape, value, texture, and space. As a teacher I would recommend this book because it’s a relatable book to many children, it has a good story structure that lends itself to be used in multiple ways. I loved the illustrations of the lucky puppy as well.

Paige-Marie S. Price

Elementary School Teacher

Vernon Parish School District

Leesville, LA

Sugar is a delightful story of an abandoned puppy who is found, adopted, and loved by Susan and her family. Even though Sugar is not like other puppies, she enjoys many of the activities other puppies do. The illustrations of this book are simple and are placed opposite the text which enhances the interest and comprehension of Sugar’s journey.Readers of all levels will enjoy this book.

Paula Decker

Retired elementary school teacher

Cedar Falls Community School District

Cedar Falls, IA

Published: 2020
Page Count: 30