Struggling To Survive: The Story Of A First-Year Teacher Told Through Poetry

By Denice Martin-Thompson
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As a young teacher entering the world of education, I found myself feeling alone and confused about my future. I doubted my talent and gift each day while praying to God to show me the way to help my students claim their victory in this life. Day after day, I found myself searching for inspiration to teach and learn while trying to reach the heart of my students. It was at my breaking point that I discovered I had the key to liberate my students and myself in the process. Through poetry I opened a door, and I walked in, freeing all that was in me onto the pages of my life. I realized my pain could become my passion for living life. To this day, that is a lesson that was well worth learning, and I am no longer struggling to survive. Now I am at another place where I am working on creating balance in my life. As other new teachers read these heartfelt poems, I hope they will be encouraged to keep going, writing down the painful moments while searching for the hidden passions in their lives.

About the Author

Denice is a graduate of Queens College with a bachelor of arts degree in English and secondary education, and she also received her masters degree in specialized services in education from Lehman College. She and her husband, Quran, share two children: Quran, Jr., and Serenity Elora. Denice is a member of Love Gospel Assembly and enjoys dancing, cooking, writing, and poetry.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 44