Struck By Chicxulub: The Impact And Aftermath Of Suicide Affecting The World

By Karla S. Escobar
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About the Book

They say that suicide is a selfish act, the most selfish act a person can accomplish, but I can tell you that that’s wrong. Suicide could very well be the most unplanned, unnecessary act a human can commit. It is most certainly not the answer to life’s problems.

Suicide is like a long difficult road to take when a person is looking for a way out to his or her problems. At the very end of it, there’s nowhere else to go, no more road to walk on, therefore the person who walks it has two choices: fall into the depths of abyss or turn around and trace back the steps they took, go back to the starting point looking for another road, another answer. Having been at the end of this road and finding that this was not the answer, it takes a lot of strength to move away from it. I really hope that whoever is walking that road may find the way away from it.

About the Author

Born in 1972 right before the civil war erupted in her old country of El Salvador, Karla S. Escobar immigrated to U.S. at an early age of 12 after fighting to survive the mental illness that took over both of her parents who were her only means of survival. At an early age she felt as if though she was left alone in an immense ocean of dangerous events that fill her childhood with nightmares but as an adult, shaped up her strong personality. This is not only another wonderful story of survival but also a different look at suicide and its sad reality of who are the real victims and survivors of this catastrophe.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 40