Striving To Be Victorious And Not A Victim

By Lenore Suzette Hines-Victorian
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What defines personal success? Is it measured in terms of money or material possessions? The car you drive or your social status? Or is success something deeper, richer indeed than jewels or gold could ever be?

Lenore Suzette Hines-Victorian is familiar with feelings of loss and despair. She has faced in her life many devastating losses, dispiriting fatalities that would dishearten the most sturdy among us. Lenore, however, is no victim. She is a fighter, a victorious winner, and failure is never an option in her life. Striving to Be Victorious and Not a Victim shares with readers her battles toward the pinnacle of her own triumphs.

A single mother and business owner, Lenore has turned her dreams into a reality. With the support of her family and friends, her inspirational pastors and fellow church members, and the love and support of the Lord Himself, she has created the life she wanted.

Success to Lenore is more than just what she has achieved. Her greatest goal is to help others along the way and inspire others by her example. If she can do it, she wants women everywhere to know, than so can they.

Striving to Be Victorious and Not a Victim is a life-affirming autobiographical work that shares the best kind of success of all: that which resides in your heart and soul.

About the Author

Lenore Suzette Hines-Victorian was able to overcome the struggles and hardships she faced in life, which encouraged her to write Striving to Be Victorious and Not a Victim. She also wanted to share her experiences in hope they would enlighten and encourage others facing similar adversity.

A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Ms. Hines-VictorianSue to her friends and familyis the owner and operator of her own daycare center, Suzs Spot for Tots. Sue is in the process of getting her daycare center accredited with ARCHS and the Educare Program. A member of the Missouri T.E.A.C.H. Program, the Child Development Association, and the National Association for the Education of Young Children, she has studied at the St. Louis Community College, Harris State University, and numerous child development-training programs in early childhood education. A mother of fourErin, Jonathan Jr., Jalen, and JacobMs. Hines-Victorian enjoys exercise and is an avid golfer. Striving to Be Victorious and Not a Victim is her first published work.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 48