Striving For That Dry Night: Meet Tj

By E.C. Stone
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TJ is an adventurous little boy with just one problem—he wets the bed nearly every night! But this is nothing for TJ to be ashamed of. Follow TJ on his journey as he finds out what works for him and achieves a dry night without wetting the bed.

About the Author

E.C. Stone is a children’s book author from San Ramon, California.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 30

Customer Reviews

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David Mailander
Powerful Message

This is a children's book that speaks to an unspoken minority. I have a 12 year old special needs child who still suffers from night wetness. This is not my kid's fault and even though this book is targeted toward a younger audience, he felt inclusion knowing he is not the only one who suffers from nocturnal enuresis. Seriously worth checking out and especially if you have a kid who "wets the bed."

Confidence builder

A wonderful book that children can read about real life issues and learn to never give up even when it seems hard.
The illustrations were vibrant and inviting.
I would recommend this book to children of all ages and adults.

Very Supportive and loving

I wished I had a book like this as a child, as a formal bed wetter I felt so alone. This book will help kids that feel alone. Truly supportive and loving. Hope more books are to come from this author in the near future. 💕💕💕

Informative/ Inspiring

This book is very informative,comforting,and inspirational. It really helps kids under stand that anything they are going through is normal and dosent make them different. It also tells a really good story in great detail and the illustration is amazing is very much advise this book for anyone

Debra Myler
Helpful Read

I love this book! It help children know they’re not alone and it okaii if you’re a bed wetter. The book will definitely Keep their attention from the words to the illustration of the book.