Stratosphere: The Catalyst

By Michael A. Bradley
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Imagine waking to find your whole world burning, your life flashing before your eyes. For soldier James Madison, he doesn’t have to imagine. This is his reality. But from the ashes, a hero is born: Stratosphere. This is his origin story.

About the Author

Michael A. Bradley was introduced to the writers’ community at an early age. The son of a poet, he spent many hours proofreading his father’s works and sending them out to potential publishers. He loved creative writing when I was growing up. At age 19, he stared to take his work seriously, and enrolled in the Novel Writing Workshop (Writer’s Digest School), completing the program in May of 2001. He was also enrolled for a time in the Institute of Children’s Literature, where he studied writing for children.During his lifetime, Bradley has worked as a line-cook, salesman, and flooring installer. He collects comics and Magic the Gathering cards. In his free time, he also enjoys cooking.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 32