Story Of A True Hero

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Jose C. Soriano

During World War II, a plane piloted by Americans crashed in the Philippines near the village where author Jose C. Sorianos grandparents lived. Despite the hostile Japanese presence in the area and the danger to themselves, Aguida Lolarga Castro and Emeterio Castro found the wounded Americans and helped them escape the area safely. But this wasnt easy.

A Story of a True Hero shares the horrible conditions the Castros and other Filipinos had to live in under the Japanese invaders, including kidnap, torture, and sexual slavery. Readers may find this story of how two people helped save others and their nation truly inspiring.

About the Author

Jose C. Soriano was born in San Carlos, Pangasinan, in the Philippines and currently lives in Waipahu, Hawaii, where he works in customer service at the Pearl Harbor Commissary. He is married and has two children. His interests include writing songs, playing guitar, telling stories, and listening to music.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 40