Stories Of My Little Blue Monkey

By Bureda Ann "Greathouse" Hall
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My Little Blue Monkey is so funny to watch! He especially likes to try on my little red dress with the yellow belt because it makes me laugh, and he really likes to play hiding games with me. But his favorite thing is food he loves to eat bananas, oranges, apples, and plums from the plum tree by my window. We also like to play hopscotch, climb the plum tree, play with my new dollhouse, and explore nature! One day, My Little Blue Monkey decided he wanted to buy this little red wagon, but he didnt have any money. His mommy told him she would give him an allowance if he helped her clean. His plan worked he saved enough money to buy his little red wagon and still have a little bit left over! My Little Blue Monkey makes me laugh all the time and is my best friend, so I was happy to see him happy! Read my book to learn about all the other adventures me and My Little Blue Monkey have!

About the Author

A self-employed quilt maker and housewife, Bureda Ann Greathouse Hall is from Cleveland, Ohio, but currently lives in Pine Top, Kentucky. She has two children with husband Terry Mandy Lee McIntosh and Terry L. Hall II. Other than hiking and photography, Bureda also enjoys helping others without recognition. This collection of short stories originates from Buredas own childhood. ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATOR I am Donney Wayne Greathouse, illustrator of Stories of My Little Blue Monkey and brother of the author, Bureda Ann Greathouse Hall. I was born in Willard, Ohio, the place where my sister and I played with the little monkey about whom my sister writes in Stories of My Little Blue Monkey. I am the firstborn of eight children. Our parents are the late Clarence Greathouse and Thelma Isaac Greathouse (Mom is still with us). I have two sons, Donney II and Danny Greathouse. I currently live in Lima, Ohio, where I have a small business grooming pets. I enjoyed drawing the illustrations for Stories of My Little Blue Monkey because it brought my childhood memories back for me as well as for my sister. I hope you enjoy reading the stories and looking at the illustrations. - Donney Wayne Greathouse

Published: 2007
Page Count: 32