Stories Of Alaska

By June McLane
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Stories of Alaska by June McLane tells of her exciting and adventurous life in Alaska in the 1970's This book describes details on what life was like at that time in the severe and freezing climate of rural Alaska. She lived alone in a small community at the edge of Mt. McKinley National Park. She had to attend to various and necessary details of living like filling and cleaning her kerosene lamps, bringing in the wood and splitting kindling, hauling water and other daily tasks. There are savoring memories of amusing people and old timers in the area. She worked for the National Park Service there and was part of a winter skeleton crew.

About the Author

Ms. McLane loves books, writing, studying, music and radio. Her way of life was different, as that kind of living is not a very familiar way of life for many readers, nor is it unusual, especially in Alaska. It is her hope that her book will inspire others to be adventurous in their lives and to bring their dreams to fruition.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 144