Stories: Far East Persia

By Bibi Zohdi
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In Stories: Far East Persia, Bibi Zohdi presents two collections of short stories, all of which reflect the culture, mythology, struggles, and triumphs of the Iranian people. The stories present varying themes of love, revenge, good versus evil, hope for the future, and reverence for the past. With a particular focus on the lives of Iranian women, these stories will enlighten the reader on their struggles and their unending loyalties to their families. We have a lot to learn from the strength they display.

The characters in these pages paint a vivid picture of life in a country that seems, many times, to be so different than ours. And yet their tales reflect so much of the shared human experience, the reader cannot help but see themselves in them. Read Stories: Far East Persia, and you will be transported to an exotic land that feels, below the surface, very much like home.

About the Author

Bibi Zohdi is a native of Iran, but she has lived in her current community, Newport Beach, California, for twenty-seven years. Her memories and experiences with the people of Tehran inspired her to write these stories.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 134