Stories By Samuel

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About the Book

Stories by Samuel includes two fun tales: “One-Way Hoppy” and “The Adventures of Snowball and Coco”

In “One-Way Hoppy,” we meet Hoppy the grasshopper, who is a very rude grasshopper and a bully. Will he ever learn that it’s better to be kind to those around him?

In “The Adventures of Snowball and Coco,” two curious little cats explore the world around them while participating in as many activities as they can—from camping, racing in the Soap Box Derby, dressing up for Halloween, eating yummy Thanksgiving treats, and picking out a Christmas tree!

Join Hoppy, Snowball, and Coco on their grand adventures!

About the Author

Samuel is a veteran of the Vietnam War, Sergeant 11B40H. He worked for the Bell System and Century Link and is now retired, living in Naples, FL.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 42