Steppin' On Frogs

By   Linda Murphy 
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Steppin’ on Frogs explains to children that we can’t always control the noises our bodies make. We all hiccup, we all burp, and we all pass gas. It’s all natural and nothing to make a big deal about. With a little humor, this story brings to light the normalcy of children passing gas and how it can be compared to the sound of stepping on frogs. The readers will get a few giggles out of this and a better understanding that it’s okay to pass gas, even if you are at school. The author hopes readers realize that we can take an embarrassing situation and learn to laugh a little at ourselves and life.

About the Author

Linda Murphy has been a public-school teacher in Oklahoma for twenty-eight years. She lives in Wagoner, Oklahoma where she is a teacher for Wagoner Public Schools. Her degree is in Early Childhood with an Elementary Education certification. She is certified in Middle English and has always loved reading and writing. She currently teaches ELA and Social Studies to fifth graders. Murphy is married to Roddy Murphy and has three wonderful children, three stepchildren, and four precious grandchildren. She loves nature and enjoys many outdoor activities like hiking. She also enjoys spending time with family, yoga, evening walks, and her loveable dog, Muffin.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 30