Steam: The Perfect Fluid For Heating And Some Of The Problems

By Jacob (Jake) Myron
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Steam: The Perfect Fluid for Heating and Some of the Problems

Steam heating systems come in many varieties and sizes. Steam systems need regular maintenance, or small problems will occur. When the small problems are not addressed, they will cause other small problems to arise. A large steam heating system with scores of small problems will not heat properly and fuel consumption can increase dramatically, but worst of all, the banging in these systems, as my mentor would say, is like the hammers of hell.

Jacob (Jake) Myron wrote this book as an easy-to-understand self-help guide for those in the occupation dealing with steam systems. He feels a huge gratitude to this industry, and he shares his over forty years of successful experience in this book to give something back to his beloved profession and colleagues.

About the Author

Jacob (Jake) Myron's knowledge and expertise in plumbing, heating, water storage systems, underground piping that included water for domestic use, fire suppression, fuel gas, oil tanks and associated piping, waste water, storm water, sewage systems, underground steam and hot water for heating as well as all the associated piping in the low rise and high rise buildings to 40 stories. Jake's education and experience began in the United States Navy and the New York City Housing Authority. Jake began his 26-year career in the housing authority as a plumbers helper, earned his New York City Master Plumbers License. Jake retired as the plumbing section supervisor with a staff of 12 Plumbing supervisors and more than 150 plumbers and helpers serving more than 250,000 tenants in the five Boroughs of New York City.

He wrote and had published two articles for Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning Magazine, earned the Award of Excellence from the American Institute of Plant Engineers in 1989. What is notable is Jake was a non-engineer competing against the industry's leading engineers. Additionally, Jake taught for four years basic plumbing design and fire suppression at New York City Technical College, the Apartment House Institute division where he earned Instructor of the year award in 1986.

In 1991 after Jake retired from NYCHA, he began his second career as Incorporation, the Jacob R. Myron & Company Incorporated. Jake consulted to the real estate industry, several engineering companies, mechanical contractors, Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Company in Amboy New Jersey, Watson pharmaceutical in Copiague, New York and the tri state area of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and performed some consulting work in Washington D.C. where he resolved many problems in large buildings with every complex piping systems.

Jake retired his company in 2002 and moved to Boynton Beach, Florida.

Published: 2014
Page Count: 324