Star Cradle

By Martha Elena Lamas Babbini de Krogstad
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With single parents becoming more common, there are many struggles that come along with it. Star Cradle: Little Boy Sweet and Strong, this book provides an understanding of what a single parent and what the child must go through. It presents the struggles and the sacrifices. Along with lessons learned, children will also understand why their parents can’t be there all the time and must work so hard.

About the Author

Martha Elena Lamas Babbini de Krogstad is happily retired after working in the IT industry for 35 years. Born in Lima, Perú, she studied architecture and art. Krogstad graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BA in architecture. She enjoys walks, painting landscapes and drawing birds. Krogstad is also an amateur radio operator member of the American Radio Relay League A.R.R.L., the Bloomington Amateur Radio Association, B.A.R.A. and a member of Radio Club Peruano. 

Published: 2018
Page Count: 38