Stalking Through Tall Grasses

By Marie Scott
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About the Book

In the earlier book, you and I danced together on the wind. Wonder, secrets, and delight bring you back. For this second volume of poems, we stand grounded to discover the many directions to stalk with grit, tenderness, and lostness. Feel the sublime beauty of nature, hear voices raised against injustice, revel in a lover’s arms. Together we step into the random flow of life as common as grass.

About the Author

Marie Scott lives and breathes the poetry of life in San Francisco. Stalking Through Tall Grasses follows the success of Dancing on the Wind, her first poetry collection. She has been featured in BookWomen, a publication out of St. Paul, Minnesota, which is a vibrant readers’ community for those who value women’s words.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 118