Spots: The Photobombing Octopus

By Mary Whelan Hohl
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Rosie is given a work assignment to photograph fish on the Kailua-Kona Reef in Hawaii. While there, she encounters many beautiful fish species. Rosie makes friends with many of the fish. She also encounters a special hidden friend at the end of her adventure that makes himself obvious throughout her photos. Upon closer look Rosie sees that her special friend is photobombing her in all her photos. She calls her friend Spots the Photobombing Octopus! Can you find Spots?

About the Author

Mary Whelan Hohl has used her personal experiences as inspiration for writing and illustrating this book. Mary came upon an online live Hawaiian reef cam and became fascinated with the beauty of the colorful undersea world of intriguing and vibrant fish. Mary’s favorite things to do are painting with watercolors and writing. Mary loves to spend time with nature. She lives in New Jersey, loves her family and her German Shorthair pointer. Some of her other hobbies include rockhounding, bird watching and metal detecting along the Jersey Shore. 

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 30

Customer Reviews

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Scotty G
Engaging for Children

A wonderful book! Not too long, not too short and it keeps the grandchildren interested because they can't wait to search for the photobombing octopus! They pull it out every time they're here! Hope the author keeps putting them out.

Rachel B
Children’s Book

The best children’s book!