Spiritual Illustrations From “I Am”

By Patrick Davis Sr.
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After countless prayers and studies of the Bible, author Patrick Davis’s eyes were opened by God to His comforting verses. From this, Spiritual Illustrations From “I Am” was born. We should learn to open our minds and hearts to know and see God’s awesome glory.

Readers will get a better understanding of the power and grace that Our Lord Jesus has for all of humanity. God is the key to our lives, and He has given everyone a special gift.

About the Author

Patrick Davis Sr. was born in a small country town called Donalsonville, Georgia. He graduated from Seminole County High School in 1993 and then joined the Navy to be an air traffic controller, but he was discharged due to an injury. He then moved to Atlanta and attended the Art Institute of Atlanta for graphic design. Later he moved to Delaware after the birth of his son but then moved back to the country. He worked as a stock manager for eleven years but always felt he was meant to do something greater, hence his journey with his Lord.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 30