Spiritual Basics: The Truth

By Jack Paul
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Spiritual Basics encompasses the basis of spirituality from basic human proclivities to modern influences. Exploring the human condition of being both good and bad simultaneously, author Jack Paul hopes readers will be able to recognize their own faults, therefore allowing them to be able to accept the faults of others and improving humanity overall. He hopes his audience will become more independent and exercise their ability to exert more control over their own lives.

About the Author

Jack Paul has travelled to many countries, experiencing a plethora of different cultures. He began to notice similarities in people, regardless of country, culture, or religion; it took him many years to take what he noticed and to put it into words.

As a Marine, he saw some of the ugliness of humanity, and as a theist, he also saw some of the beauty of humanity. He has three degrees: two Bachelors, and a Masters. After his schooling, he realized that education and wisdom are two different things, as much as law and justice are two different things.

Paul lives alone, and his hobby is woodworking. His special interests are science, specifically astronomy, reading non-fiction and history, and avoiding television and news from the established media.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 126