Spidy's Adventures: Overcoming Fear

By Jenny Naested
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Little ones live in a world entirely their own, a world shared only by their friends and new things waiting to be discovered. In Spidys Adventures, Spidy takes us through his exciting exploits as he turns his friends birthday celebration into a day of exploration, discoveries, and learning experiences.

In this book by Jenny Naested, Spidyalong with Cindy, D.J., and a special friendembark on an exciting adventure together where they unwrap the many gifts that only a childs wide imagination can conceive as they learn how to overcome their fears and discover the true value of friendship.

About the Author

Jenny Naested was born and raised in Zimbabwe, where she still lives to this day. Married with three children, she also works as a company director and devotes her time in teaching, counseling, helping others, and doing arts and crafts.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 36