Speak Your Troubles Away And Receive The Rain Of Your Blessings

By Annette L. Richardson
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About the Book

There's an old idiom: You reap what you sow. And in that same vein, this small but valuable book imparts a very important lesson: When we speak negatively, we reap the negative; when we speak positively, we reap the positive.

Perhaps there is no sharper weapon than the tongue. Words can hurt, words can demean, words can destroy. But with the proper workout, this muscle can be trained to speak healing, speak forgiveness, speak empowerment, speak thanksgiving. All it takes is a little practice and a grain of faith. You'll be amazed at the harvest you reap.

Are you ready to start your workout today?

About the Author

Feeling led to write by the Holy Spirit, first-time author Annette L. Richardson blends personal stories with her own tried and true belief that putting forth the positive, whether in words or actions, is a veritable roadmap to gaining God's blessings.

Currently attending theology school, Ms. Richardson is also a licensed practicing nurse. She makes her home in Newark, Delaware, with her husband and five children, and when not busy with work and school, she enjoys horses, participating in any activity having to do with children, and going to the movies.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 28