Spare Parts: Book One

By Edward C. Jones III
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If the mind is the essence of our being, how important is the body? Spare Parts takes us to a world where such a question is not merely hypothetical. On a very familiar if different future Earth, man has found a way to temporarily implant the human mind into other housings insects, robots, machinery, and even other bodies on a computer disk. While this transference brings freedom to the severely ill or paralyzed and spells success in covert military operations, it also gradually reveals a much darker potential. This transference happens to take place in another dimension something from that side intends to breach our world. Edward C. Jones III shows us the same procedure and experience from five points of view as time and technology progresses. Raising issues from medical ethics to prejudice, from what constitutes identity to freedom versus ownership, each perspective shares the same underlying chilling premise: How willingly we take things at face value, and who knows what tomorrow will bring.

About the Author

Edward C. Jones III is a student at Montgomery College who is also employed by the Veterans Administration. A lifelong resident of Maryland, he enjoys weightlifting and writing.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 190