Space King I And Ii In Outer Space: Book Ii

By Philip G. LeMay
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Philip G. LeMay has once again penned a thrilling science fiction space adventure staring his two intrepid characters, Space King I and Space King II. This time, they join up with a Baratalian and a North Star man to visit Earth and a Rotalian and Effestian to solve the mystery of a puzzling magnetic wave that is interfering with space communications. Astra, Space King Is wife, and little Space King I Jr. also make cameo appearances, preferring to stay safely on Effest while the two best friends go gallivanting about the universe. Detailed enough to be believable yet far-out enough to satisfy even the most adventurous of science fiction fans, Space King I and II in Outer Space: Book II has it all.

About the Author

A retired resident of Lebanon, New Hampshire, Philip G. LeMay presently enjoys spending time with his wife, Judith, making wood novelties, taking bike rides, and fishing. The Adventures of Space King I and II in Outer Space: Book I is also available from Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 112