Soul Whispers

By Benita Jane Hovelmeier
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For Benita Jane Hovelmeier, poetry introduced itself to her later in life, and once she started trying to tell stories using rhyming verse, she was hooked. She loves writing different themes and her poems express all of these, from romantic to spiritual pieces and pieces about historical figures and events.

Writing poetry is one of Benitas favorite pastimes, one she finds both relaxing and therapeutic. She hopes you find equal pleasure in reading her Soul Whispers.

About the Author

Benita Jane Hovelmeier lives in Africa. She and her husband, Warren, have six children: Wyatt, Laurie, Dean, Brett, Lynne, and Karl. Benita also has several other poetry pieces published in various anthologies belonging to the International Library of Poetry.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 76