Soul Affirmation: Introduction To The Philosophy Of Life

By Robert W. Emerick
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In Soul Affirmation, Robert W. Emerick introduces a new, vital understanding of ones soul, and explains its powerful influence as an integral part of our self and our society.

Emericks intense effort to become a better father to his daughter, Elaina, eventually led him to recognize the soul as the key to mental, spiritual, and social health and affirming the soul as the foundation of fulfilling relationships, good parenting, genuine meaning and purpose in life, and what he calls humane evolution.

Beginning with a startling reflection on the two creation stories in the Bible, Emerick shows how any experience, including religious and spiritual experiences, can negate the soul and produce mental, spiritual, and social illness.

A persons soul is the inner core of his or her existence, the human spirit. Emerick points to the souls presence in our everyday experience, and outlines a process anyone can use to affirm the souls power to transform his or her personal life and relationships, and promote the common good.

Abouthe Author

Robert W. Emerick holds degrees from Albright College in Pennsylvania, Union Theological Seminary, and Yeshiva University in New York City.

An ordained minister and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, in his thirty-five-year career he has worked as a pastor in New York City, a psychotherapist, an instructor in graduate and undergraduate psychology and clinical education for clergy, hospice social work, and military chaplaincy.

He currently resides in Brooklyn, where he serves as pastor of the Bay Ridge United Methodist Church.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 144