Sophia's Journey

By Dr. David Baughan and Bristol Baughan
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Orphaned as an infant, Sophia only knows life on the isolated island of Crete where she has been lovingly cared for by her great-uncle Joseph. Unlike most men of his time, Joseph has encouraged Sophias sharp intellect and now he knows the time has come for Sophia to learn of life beyond her sacred island. Together they embark on an odyssey of discovery in the Aegean world of 451 C.E. In hidden temples and secret womens societies, Sophia encounters the feminine wisdom passed down through the centuries and kept alive for her. She learns of her gifts and special heritage that have the potential to change the course of history. Drawing with us in vivid descriptions of Crete, Santorini, Ephesus, and Istanbul, father and daughter, David and Bristol Baughan, have created a powerful tale sure to touch your spirit, excite your imagination, and astonish your mind.

About the Author

David Baughan is a family physician practicing in New Hampshire. He and his wife, psychologist Jennifer White-Baughan, are parents to Jeremie and Bristol. Bristol Baughan graduated in 2003 from American University with a Bachelors degree in International Studies. She is a freelance film director and producer.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 244