Sophia Within

By Jordana Lizama
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Sophia’s day starts just like any other day of high school: awkward and embarrassing. For the frightened, lonely seventeen-year-old, that’s how most days went. That is, until she meets Alec, a boy she’s never seen before who can—apparently—read minds. He shows Sophia something inside herself that both makes her special, but also puts her in grave danger. She learns that her gift comes from another world, and that she is to take part in a battle that she knows nothing about. After a lifetime of blending in, it only takes one person to see what makes Sophia stand out. But can she rise to the challenge?

About the Author

Jordana Lizama was born in Mexico City, Mexico and loves reading more than anything in the world. This love led her to begin writing, with the hopes of one day writing a book that readers could not put down. She hopes that Sophia: Within shows readers that they are magical, and that it only takes one person realizing it to show that they are not alone.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 406