Songs From The Eternal City: Inspired By The Holy Spirit

By Susan Rae Cacho
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Songs from the Eternal City: Inspired by the Holy Spirit is a compilation of poetry about the wonders and goodness of God. Susan Rae Cachos poems celebrate Gods glory by embracing the everyday moments of life.

Appreciate every aspect of a sunrise, sunset, and season in its complete detail, Cacho says. God only makes the precious moment one time, and to be a part of it is Gods design for us to see His glory in everything.

She writes to thank God for his enduring love and to show readers how great God is.

About the Author

Born in California, Susan Rae Cacho now lives in Wyoming with her husband. She was previously employed as an aerospace administrator. Her hobbies include art, Hebrew studies, eschatology, and Peruvian Paso horses.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 66