Song Of A Sparrow

By Sue Taylor
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About the Book

Throughout our lives, we meet various people who touch our hearts, occupying a space that will forever be theirs. Song of a Sparrow is the authors account of her journey to wholeness from the ravages of schizophrenia, and at the same time, a tribute to the people who significantly contributed to that journey. Once a prisoner to fear, she takes inspiration from the tiny sparrow, who in the wake of a storm, sings with abandon and joy.

About the Author

Sue Taylor resides with her husband, Aaron Taylor, in Sibley, Missouri, with their two cats, Mudder and Cat, and Pomeranian, Buhbuh. Six of their seven children, Will with wife Lindsey and grandson Dane, Danes Mom Jennifer, David and fianc Sarah and granddaughter Taylor, Eli and fianc Ryan and grandsons Josh and Nevin, Cara, Kim and Aimee, live in surrounding areas. Angela presently resides in California.

Sue Taylor intends this book, to be an inspiration for people who struggle with difficult issues to see that purpose, love, and intelligence are available to all who are willing to find it.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 104