By Lura Beaven
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All children are special and can be whatever they dream to be. The character in this story falls asleep thinking of their future and has the most splendid dream where the letters of his/her name come to life to share ideas of future careers. Parents and schools alike can use this story to educate children about all the world has to offer and that everybody is actually “Somebody” just waiting to be unwrapped!

About the Author

Lura Beaven grew up on a farm in New York which she loved and holds dear to her heart. Throughout her teenage years, she worked in ice cream stands, theaters, cafeterias, and tutoring facilities. More recently as a teacher, she’s had the privilege to work with children from pre-school through twelfth grade. She has found that all children think about what they want to be when they grow up and she hopes to inspire them to think of the many amazing opportunities the world presents. She enjoys being outside with her family, cooking, gardening, painting, and singing. She and her husband have two children. Together they enjoy playing sports and visiting new destinations.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 30