Some Whispers From Eternity: Book On Evolution Of Consciousness And Upliftment Of Humanity Through Om Kriya Yoga

By Shomik Chaudhuri
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ome Whispers from Eternity: Book on Evolution of Consciousness and Upliftment of Humanity through OM Kriya Yoga

Humans have created artificial vivisections of the society in every conceivable way, be it religion, race, caste, creed, region, nation, and so many others. Religious, national strife is a regular feature; humans show hatred toward their fellow beings over nominal things and, of course, the reasons for dissention. There is limited place for self-improvement or inner introspection or self-development. But the life aims and goals should be understood and practiced and included in people’s lifestyle, along with merriment and having a good time. Some Whispers from Eternity was written after seeing and experiencing the total degradation of life on earth and lack of empathy and compassion of humans living here for one another.

In the book, author Shomik Chaudhuri enumerates numerous processes that help anyone to practice and evolve into better and more wonderful human beings. These are time tested and authentic processes that make it possible for anyone to practice. This not only helps you become better but also brings happiness and peace to everything and everyone around you. Studies, work, relationships, experiences all become much better. Concentration, patience, focus, endurance, calm disposition, body fitness, among so many others, evolve inside you. The quality of life becomes better.

Life is short. Start today and do not let any day pass by without practicing the lessons and building your relationship with God. Take one step at a time and practice with your sincerity and love for God. He will make your progress faster, easier, and more enjoyable. It should become a part of life and who you are.

About the Author

Shomik Chaudhuri is a renowned author for over 30 years. His work has been published in renowned daily newspapers like The Statesman, The Asian Age in Kolkata, India; United Nations Chronicle, New York, USA; weekly newspapers like News India Times, Desi Talk, The South Asian Times and numerous magazines and publications. He has over 22 years of education and training including at Harvard and Cornell Universities, USA. He is also an iconic personality in the Indian American print media world being the CEO and COO of some of the largest newspaper groups in the USA. His deep interest, insight and knowledge on spirituality and our human existence made him the youngest person in United Nations history to represent the organization to the World Summit for Social Development, Copenhagen, Denmark, in March 1995. He co-founded an NGO at the United Nations which introduced spirituality as an essential part of human existence after which the UN gave adequate attention to this most important aspect of human existence. He also co-founded an international NGO based in India which is in Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC of the United Nations. It has branches in New York and Europe for now. He has been an ardent practitioner of spiritual austerities from childhood and has been practicing Kriya Yoga for over 4 decades. His deep interest and passion for spiritual wisdom led him to associate with God-realized saints and was initiated in OM Kriya Yoga by Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Rajivlochanacharya in 1999. He wants to use his knowledge to help people globally uplift themselves spiritually and attain Life Divine.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 192