Some Sine And Cosine Identities Obtained From Pascal's Triangle

By Christopher White and Christopher Schwaner
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Trigonometric identities were used to simplify expressions of trigonometric functions. Pascals triangle is a triangular arrangement of binomial coefficients. Could it be possible to marry this two?

Dr. Christopher White and Dr. Christopher Schwaner explored a new way of using Pascals triangle to find sine and cosine identities by developing formulas and showing procedures to prove how it could be possible. Read on and be amazed at what these brilliant authors came up with.

About the Author

Christopher White received his bachelors degree from Bowdoin College and was a member of Castleton State Colleges mathematics faculty for over thirty years. He also attended Miami University in Ohio for his masters degree and the University of Oregon for his PhD.

Christopher Schwaner received his bachelors degree from Castleton State College and is now a member of the colleges mathematics faculty. He also attended the University of Vermont for his masters degree and the State University of New York in Albany for his PhD.

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Published: 2012
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