By Martha Chapman Seibel
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This extraordinary collection of modern verse coruscates off the page, with each skillfully crafted vignette giving us a vision of the beauty all around us, as limned by the ecstatic pen of the poet. Martha Chapman Seibel is in love with nature, and this is a collection of love songs. We are drawn into her vision of our world as if into an intoxicating fantasy. Too often we miss the surprise and joy that surrounds us, but here we find it depicted delightfully in both poetry and pictures. To seek out the fantastic hiding among the mundane, to arouse emotion, and to whet desire, these have always been the tasks of the poet and the minstrel. This volume succeeds in reawakening a sense of beauty that is rare indeed.

About the Author

Martha Chapman Seibel has always been a lover of nature and of the arts. After graduating from Bowling Green State University she went on to graduate school at the University of Michigan and then to a productive teaching career in Michigan and Kansas. She has now retired to her native Ohio where she makes her home in West Chester with her husband, Ralph Seibel. She is active in her church but has reluctantly ceased her choir activities. She spends her time now creating beauty and appreciating the God-given beauty that lies all around us. She writes poems, paints, plays the piano, and composes. Above all, she loves her garden, as is manifest in her poetry.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 116